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Think about how much traffic will be passing over these zonal markings on a day-to-day basis. If you are considering floor paint, for example, can it withstand the constant hammering of feet and machinery or is a more robust solution required?

Cost : The amount you pay is always a primary consideration, but make sure you evaluate the lifetime cost of the flooring system you are buying.

What might seem like good value in the short term could look a lot less attractive when projected over a long period. How often will you have to repair or replace the floor over this timespan? How much will that cost, not just in labour and materials but also in operational downtime?

Flexibility : As your business grows and things begin to change you may soon find yourself having to restructure your layout. Is this a genuine consideration for you? If so then picking a floor that you can remodel easily might be the right option for you.

Appearance : Not everyone considers appearance to be a huge factor when it comes to warehouse flooring, but going the extra mile to impress potential clients has its obvious benefits.

Maintenance : Flooring maintenance is critical, and some industrial flooring solutions are much easier to maintain than others. Keeping the floor clean and dust free, preventing damp and providing a safe, hazard free working environment is crucial. Check to see how easy it is to maintain the floor over its lifetime. Some solutions are much harder to maintain than others so make sure you investigate this thoroughly.

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of a new industrial floor for your business and wish to speak to one of our flooring experts contact us today on the number above or email at : sales@floormaster.ae

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