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High-volume food & beverage processing plants present a unique set of challenges when it comes to facility flooring. With constantly-wet settings, temperature extremes, and frequent high-pressure hosing, food & beverage processing facility flooring has to withstand serious punishment.

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  • Is the flooring system moisture-tolerant? Can it be installed directly onto a damp concrete surface?
  • Does the high-performance resinous flooring withstand the specific chemicals, acids, alkalis and temperatures in your food processing plant?
  • Can the flooring material be sloped to drain, with an integral cove-to-wall base for easy wash down?
  • Does the flooring expand and contract at a rate close to that of concrete? Will it stay well-bonded during extreme temperature fluctuations?
  • Does the proposed turnaround time work with your production schedule?
  • Does the floor have antimicrobial properties throughout?
  • Is slip resistance available, and can it be adjusted for different areas of the plant floor?
  • Can decorative elements, like colored chips or colored quartz blends, be incorporated for select areas?
  • Does your supplier offer HACCP-approved concrete coatings?

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Vegetable oils, animal fats, dairy products and sugars all contain acids that can eat away typical epoxy flooring. Other operations expose floors to high concentrations of salts and alkaline compounds. Additionally, some food processing chemicals, harsh cleaners and disinfectants contain industrial solvents. Food & beverage processing facility flooring also takes physical punishment from heavily loaded, steel-wheeled carts, dragged crates, forklifts and more. Ultimately, these facility floors must be capable of surviving some of the most extreme conditions around. Slip-resistant and hygienic Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane concrete (PU) Flooring, Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring is a crucial factor in any food production or processing area.

Resin flooring plays an important role in any food production process as there are many industry standards such as HACCP, TGA, AQIS, Food Safe, BRC & ISO 9000 that need to be met, for both the safety and health of the staff and the consumer.

Durable Commercial Flooring Solutions for Your Food & Beverage Processing Plant

From food processing and packaging plants to beverage production and bottling, the food and beverage industry requires durable flooring solutions to withstand wet conditions, safety and cleaning. For durable flooring solutions, turn to FLOOR MASTER. Our commercial floor coatings solutions can be to help you maintain cleanliness. Contact a FLOOR MASTER representative today to learn more about our flooring solutions.